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Department of Emergency Medicine

The Department of Emergency Medicine is committed to providing the highest quality, efficient and compassionate care to our patients and our community; advancing the knowledge base of emergency medicine and care outcomes through clinical excellence, research and scholarship; and educating and training the future leaders in emergency medicine.

Our Values

  • Caring – we embrace sensitivity to the well-being of patients, families and staff;
  • Excellence – we strive for the highest quality of care for all patients;
  • Growth – we share a personal and organizational commitment to professional development and lifelong learning;
  • Respect – we value the dignity, autonomy and worth of individuals of all backgrounds;
  • Timeliness – we strive for expeditious evaluation and treatment, while maintaining the highest possible quality;
  • Teamwork – we are committed to work together towards common goals through effective communication, collaboration, tolerance of variation in ideas, and the assumption of responsibility and accountability for the actions and decisions required by one’s role.

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